Collections & Litigation

GDGC tries cases. Together, our attorneys and clients assume the case will go to trial and we prepare a case with this mindset during the entire course of the litigation. Therefore, we are never unprepared on any level when a trial is ultimately scheduled. Our approach combined with meticulous preparation allows us to achieve the best result for our clients, whether in court or across the bargaining table. We have purposely and carefully nurtured our trial-ready reputation and our philosophy sends a message to adversaries that we are unafraid of trial and that settlement decisions will be guided solely by sensible case analysis.

GDGC is recognized for superior advocacy and unparalleled negotiating skills. We believe the best results are attained by employing innovative strategies, creative techniques and old fashioned hard work. GDGC attorneys are experienced in every aspect of litigation in all New York court jurisdictions. Our attorneys and staff will partner with you to determine the most effective and efficient manner to resolve a case, whether through litigation, administrative procedures and forums, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or negotiation.