Estate Litigation

Sometimes an estate administration does not go as planned, the assets of a trust cannot be accounted for, the true intentions of the deceased are difficult to determine or a will may be suspected of having been prepared under suspicious circumstances. When such situations arise, we can help. Perhaps you are entitled to part of the estate, or a larger share of the estate, but have been denied your fair share. As an executor, you may be asked to defend the validity of a will, or you may be a beneficiary of a trust where a trustee has absconded with the trust assets. Our knowledge and experience can be your greatest asset when faced with the complex and daunting prospect of estate litigation.

Our attorneys are accomplished estate litigators with experience in Surrogate's Courts in all New York court jurisdictions. We are recognized for superior advocacy and unparalleled negotiating skills and believe the best results are attained by employing innovative strategies, creative techniques and old fashioned hard work.

We are also acutely aware of the financial and emotional impact that estate disputes have on families. We therefore maintain a close working relationship with each of our clients throughout the litigation process to ensure we understand your priorities and involve you in important strategic decisions. Our attorneys and staff will partner with you to determine the most effective and efficient manner to resolve a case, whether through litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or negotiation.