Medicaid Cases

Medicaid denials or late pick-up dates can cost a facility tens of thousands of dollars.  GDGC represents facilities on behalf of individual residents and advocates before the local departments of social services to resolve Medicaid issues.  GDGC handles:

Medicaid Applications
GDGC routinely and successfully prepares complex Medicaid applications involving transfers of assets and/or real property, uncooperative families and documentary evidence problems.  Our team of attorneys and paralegals works through deficits in information to complete applications in a timely manner so that the earliest possible Medicaid pick-up date can be preserved.

Reconsideration Applications
If the facility filed the original Medicaid Application that is subsequently denied, GDGC is often able to secure Medicaid benefits by filing a Reconsideration Application.  GDGC works diligently to secure required missing information or to prove good faith efforts.  Issues regarding excess resources, gifts/asset transfers, penalty periods and spousal refusal matters can often be addressed and resolved without the need for a Fair Hearing.

Fair Hearings
Some eligibility issues simply cannot be resolved by the Medicaid case workers and a Fair Hearing is necessary to secure benefits.  GDGC attorneys are well-versed in the fair Hearing process, including producing memoranda of law and calling witnesses to testify.

GDGC has an over 90% success rate in securing Medicaid benefits on behalf of skilled nursing facilities and individual residents, collecting tens of millions of dollars annually for our health care facility clients.  

By securing and ensuring a payment source for individuals’ long term health care needs, GDGC helps health care facilities sustain quality care for all seniors.